On the Road





Can’t Make it to HealthWorks!?

Try HW! On the Road

HealthWorks! Outreach Programming is custom made to meet your school’s needs.


“On the Road Field Trip”

A forty-five minute “Auditorium Style” (auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium)program delivered by 3 HW! staff members. Includes interactive teaching points, physical challenges, and plenty of opportunities for student (and teacher) volunteers. Post Packets with lessons and activities will be given to teachers to extend the learning experience in the classroom in the following weeks.

Activity Time/ Field Day

Forty-five minute activity time including games, challenges and other physical activity stations. HealthWorks! staff will facilitate three stations, a school staff member(s) can be trained to lead any additional stations. Activity time can be added to another type program or run independently. Field Day programs can be designed to coordinate with other scheduled activities.

Family Night

A ninety minute program delivered in a gymnasium (or possibly cafeteria) includes a 20 minute interactive program on a health topic and 60 minutes of games, activities and challenges that support the message. Following the program, the HW! staff facilitates “Stations” where families can interact at their own pace. Families may stay and play as long they like. Three HW! staff members deliver the program and facilitate support activities.

Topics Include:

Sleep and Breakfast

Nutrition Physical Activity

Heart Health

Healthy Lungs

Germs and Handwashing

Other health topics as requested

Contact Kathy Tucker for pricing and information.