Birthday Parties

Celebrate your Birthday at HealthWorks!

HealthWorks! is a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday! In addition to a fun place to party, HW! provides setup and cleanup so the parents can relax and enjoy the day!

There is a variety of party options to fit the personalities of kids of all ages – take a look below and call HW! at 377-5437 for more information and to reserve your party slot!

Looking for ways to make your birthday party healthier? Check this out!

General Information: 

· A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve party slot. · You may add 2nd birthday child to any party for $25 and invite six more guests! · Balance is due before departure on party day. · HW! Members get $10 discount on birthday parties!

To book a party call 662-377-5437.

Party Times Available:

Thursdays: 4:00-5:30 pm Saturdays:  10:00-11:30 am 12:00-1:30 pm 2:00-3:30 pm

Make Your Own Fun Party – $125

Great for: 4 years old and up

What’s Included in Make Your Own Fun Party: Tables and chairs for food and gifts will be set up in the party area near the Funtastic Floor. Kids will play on the Funtastic Floor’s games and exhibits and also make their own Whappy Hats to take home. The 25-minute interactive Brain Theater is available to watch, but lots of parties choose to keep playing on the floor. If you’d like to watch the movie, be sure to let your Whappy Hostess know so we can plan your party accordingly!

Creative Genius Party – $150

Great for: Ages 5 and up

What’s included in Creative Genius Party: Crafty kids love this party! Tables and chairs for food and gifts will be set up in the party area off of the Funtastic Floor. Kids will get to play on the Funtastic Floor and make 3 crafts with a HealthWorks! Whappy Host. HW! Staff will create the craft based on age and size of the group – kids get to take all crafts home!

Hip Hopper Party – $150

Great For: Toddlers and preschoolers

What’s included in the Hip Hopper Party: Specifically created for our tinier friends, the Hip Hopper Party features special activities for this age group. Tables and chairs for food and gifts are set up in the Zoom Room, as well as play items such as: mini trampolines, big soft blocks, balls, tricycles, and more. Kids can also play on the Funtastic Floor during the party. (This party does not include the inflatable obstacle course – if you would like that, choose the Jumpin’ Fun party!)

Jumpin’ Fun Party – $250

Great for: 3 years old and up; parties with mixed ages

What’s included in Jumpin’ Fun Party: This option is great for parties with a wide range of kids because there’s something for everyone! Littles will enjoy the special activities such as big soft blocks and mini trampolines while older kids can race through the Inflatable Obstacle Course! (Note: The inflatable is not a bouncy house – two kids race through at one time; usually kids 3 and older can make it through on their own.) All of these activities take place in the Zoom Room – where tables and chairs are set up for food and gifts. Kids can also play on the Funtastic Floor.

Whappy Challenge Party – $150

Great for: 6 year olds and up

What’s included in the Whappy Challenge Party: This fun party is great for older kids who love a challenge! Tables and chairs for food and gifts are set up in the party area off of the Funtastic Floor while the Zoom Room hosts the Whappy Challenge activities! The HW! Whappy Hostess will lead the group in games that include: Toilet Tag, The Whappy Obstacle Course, and Flashlight Tag. Kids will also get to play on the Funtastic Floor.

ALL Parties include: 

Five 6-foot long, multi-color tables with chairs for 20 people

 1.5 hours with a dedicated whappy host or hostess

Party space decorated with colorful balloons

HealthWorks! gift for the birthday child

Set up and clean up by HealthWorks! staff

15 complimentary invitations (stop by HW! to pick these up)

Up to 13 guests (including birthday child); Additional guests = $5/child

Play on the FUNtastic floor!

Questions you may ask!

How many people are included in the party cost? The party cost includes 13 kids; there is no charge for adults or babies under 2. Additional child guests are $5 each.

Can I bring food and drinks for the party? Absolutely! Bring all the food and drinks you would like. There are rolling carts available inside the HealthWorks! front door to make your trips to and from the car a bit easier. Please be aware of safety concerns and don’t bring any warmers that require an open flame.

What about decorations? HealthWorks! will have your party area lightly decorated with colorful balloons and a party sign, but you are welcome to bring extra decorations including tablecloths and themed items. You will have about 15 minutes to get your area decorated before the party starts.

What do you provide and what do I need to bring?  We provide tables, chairs, light decorations, and all the fun – you bring everything else! Plates, napkins, cups, utensils, food, etc is up to the party parents to provide.

Can I bring my own balloons?  Sure – if they are already blown up! We charge $10 to inflate any extra balloons and need to be aware of them in advance for planning. Please DO NOT bring your own personal helium tank inside the building for safety purposes.

What size are your tables?  They are 6-foot long by 2.5-feet wide. It’s a standard size you’d likely have for tailgating or work/church functions.

When can I arrive for my party?  15 minutes before the party starts. We have 3 party slots on Saturdays and often times they’re all filled up. Arriving too early can delay our staff’s time to clean and prepare the party area for you.

Something else you’d like to know?  Call us at 662-377-5437! We’d be happy to answer your questions or you may stop by and take a look around your party area.