HealthWorks! At Home: Screen Time

HealthWorks! At Home: Screen Time

 Everyone spends at least some time looking at screens each day. From TVs to phones to tablets, computers, and video games – it’s easy to get lost on in a virtual word. But too much time in front of a screen leaves us inactive and checked out. That’s why it’s important to monitor screen time to make sure you’re getting enough physical activity and being challenged mentally. So take a look at these activities on your screen, then put it down to get started!


Family/Class Activity

Click on the pictures below for activities for the family.

Physical Activity

Exercise can be fun and creative. Grab something from around the house to use as weights – water or laundry detergent jugs, canned goods, or books! Hold one with each hand then do:
10 bicep curls
· 10 tricep kickbacks
· 10 shoulder presses
· Repeat as able or add in your own exercise
What’s your favorite activity? 


1: Go outside for a 10-minute walk. Make it more fun and heart-pumping by skipping or racing along the way.
2: Write a letter to an older family member or friend. They will enjoy hearing from you. Be sure to tell them what exercises/activities you have been doing – they might enjoy them also!