Kids Night

Kid’s Night Out!

A night out for kids ages 4-10.
No parents allowed!
Dinner is provided.
Pre-registration is preferred.

2020 Kid’s Nights

Fridays · 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
February 7
April 3
June 5
August 14
October 9
December 4

What to Expect at Kids Night: When parents arrive for drop-off, they will go to one of two tables in the HealthWorks! lobby: the “Paid” table (for those who have pre-registered and paid in advance) or the “Not Paid” table (for those who have pre-registered but not paid yet.) Kids Nighters will receive a wristband and parents will receive a laminated card – each with the same number on it. (Parents bring the card with you to pick up your child – HW! staff will match the card and your child’s wristband to make sure they’re going home with the right folks!) Once checked in, kids will head to the Funtastic Floor to play and have a great time! Dinner (grilled chicken fingers, fruit, baked chips, and water) will be served. Before the night is over, kids will zoom into the Zoom Room with a variety of free-play activities! If kids get tired or need a little down time, there is a movie and coloring station available. For security purposes, HW! front doors are locked at 6:00 p.m. Our front desk staff is always available during the evening for parents who need to pick up children early.  If you have questions about Kids Night or other HW! activities, call 377-5437.


Early Bird Registration
save $7 per child!

Before noon
on Friday of event:
$15 per child · $10 per
member child

Regular Price After noon
on Friday of event:
$22 per child · $17 per
member child

Call (662) 377-5437
to register!